Saturday, 11 January 2014

Official website could be down for months, says UTSH official

UTSH official website could be down for months 

'Our official website could be down for months', says the spokesman of the UTSH government.

UTSH official says the website is being taken down due to being too expensive renewing the web domain.

'There isn't any technical issues renewing it, but getting a new .info web domain will only cost the government 6 time as less than to renew the current web domain' says the spokesman. The spokesman says it is yet to decide if a new web domain should be use in the future.

The website has now been out of action for eight days, and official says it may be up and running again as early as tomorrow, if a decision is made.

UTSH official website

In a bid to placate frustrated users, the government is planning to use the free web domain (offered by Yola) until its official web domain eventually comes back online.

"I know perfectly well that this is not good for our nation's reputation," the Emperor of IK told the Narpotan Times.

Many micronations are currently using free web domains, that include Indontian Republic (offered by awardspace), Republic of Atlantis (offered by Weebly) and Grand Duchy of Flandrensis (offered by WIX).

Grand Duchy of Flandrensis website

However, official says the website outage is unlikely to meaningfully affect the nation. Citizens of the nation seem to agree that the outage will not seriously dent the website's purpose of raising public awareness and promotion of the nation.

The Narpotan Times

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